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Glow Sticks Bring Fun for Kids

Glow sticks are being used popularly in night time parties, festivals, concerts, sporting events and others. Glow sticks are the most favorite items that kids love to use. Kids generally like sparking toys and light sticks. They are attention catchers for kids.

The standard glow sticks are 6” in length. However smaller sticks of 4” in length are used for kids. These are lighter in weight when compared to the standard ones. Kids love to use them for playing and using them as pendants. These 4” glow sticks are available commonly in eight colors including green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, white, blue, and red. Packed glow sticks with 100 sticks in one box with assorted colors may be available that can be used for kids’ parties.

Children also love to wear glow necklaces and glow bracelets. A stick of 22 inch long and 6mm diameter is used as a glow necklace. The stick can be easily turned into a necklace by connecting the two ends with connectors. They can be worn by kids around the necks or on head as ribbons.

Glow bunny ears which are available in tri-colors of green-blue-yellow are also favorite for kids during parties. One of the hot glow novelty glow products for kids are glow glasses. Glow stick and eyeglasses frames are assembled in glow glasses. Glow sticks can create an amazing party effect to the night parties. Glow cups are other products which are used at parties. Kids love when drinks are served in glow cups. Glow cups can be used for camping also. They are also available in different colors such as green, red, blue, yellow and other assorted colors. Flashing pins which are battery-operated LED pins are used for birthday cakes, animals, smiley faces, hearts, etc.

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