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Types of Shopping

Generally shopping means testing and examining the goods and services to purchase them. So it can be said as an activity of selection or purchase of any product or service. There are two major types of shopping are there, such as:

Online shopping: Now a days it is very popular option. It is very convenient to the shoppers. It is easy to do. Shoppers need not go out to shop in this online shopping. Shopper can visit any store and purchase any item from their home through the internet. Shoppers need computer and internet connection to make purchases through online shopping.

Traditional shopping: In which, customer need to go to the physical stores to purchase any product or service. In this items can be purchased directly by shoppers. Customer can look at, touch and feel the product, before purchasing.

These are the main types of shopping, individuals can choose any one according to their convenience.

Updated: April 11, 2013 — 5:33 am

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