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Know About Cardamom – Queen of Spices

Cardamom is known as ‘Queen of spices’. Cardamom is one of the most expensive spices available in the world. Cardamom is grown in warm, humid climate; loamy soil which is rich in organic matter is needed for the growth of cardamom. It is a native spice of India. It is the most commonly used spice and is used from various dishes to drinks. It has got a sweet flavor, which makes it a main ingredient in the preparation of many desserts and bakery items. It can be used both in grounded and whole form.

Cardamom is also found to have many medicinal properties, apart from enhancing the taste. Cardamom is used to cure many digestive problems such as flatulence and indigestion. It is also used to cure dental related problems such as, infections in teeth and gums and bad breath. It is used as a mouth freshener.

There are three types of cardamom available. They are green, black and white. The green cardamom is the most commonly used one which has got a very high fragrance, black cardamom is larger and greatly aromatic. But the white cardamom is not the naturally available cardamom but is treated artificially.

Cardamom is one of the easily available spices online. Since spices, especially cardamom, are very aromatic in nature, they have to be very well packaged and stored, so as to ensure that it does not lose its essence. Local markets tend to contaminate the spices, making them loose their essence, so it is advised to buy spices online, which ensure quality standards in preserving spices.

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