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Importance of Facility Management for Businesses

The main objective of any business is to reduce the cost and increase profits to run business effectively. Effective facilities management reduces the cost of in all aspects. Some reasons to companies for choosing facilities managements are as follows:

Business intelligence Services: Business intelligence (BI) refers to computer-based techniques used in spotting, digging-out, and analyzing business data, such as sales revenue by products and/or departments, or by associated costs and incomes.

Business intelligence is having the data to take the right decisions in the business. This data shows profit or loss of a company, market growth of the company and it shows everything, down to the very last detail. It further shows the production at certain times of the day, expenses, and other important information. With this data, businesses will find out that, if the companies make a respectable profit.

Supervision and Auditing: Good supervision is required to achieve the required technical quality and compliance to internal agreements, client contracts and legislation. Effective supervision of technical works and maintenance tasks carried out can be challenging for a non technical facility manager. Whether the supervision is resourced internally or contracted it is equally important that regular auditing of the actual processes and work is conducted. This should be carried out by competent and experienced technical facilities management staff, either internal or independent contracted auditors. Good quality record keeping and reporting is essential within this process, especially in an increasingly litigious industry.

Benefit cost reduction: Facilities Management personnel are not employees of the company, so companies do not have to pay for workman’s compensation insurance, health insurance, and other any employee benefits for them. Since these costs can be unpredictable and escalate over the long term, the savings can be significant.

Reallocation of resources: By allowing a specialized facilities management company to take over some of the peripheral tasks of your operations, you can use your labor pool and resources for activities more directly related to building of your business.

Out sourcing: Companies need not provide training cost to facilities management personnel by outsourcing. Several studies have shown that outsourcing facilities management services can save up to 18% over providing the service internally. Areas that provide some of the best savings are payroll outsourcing, maintenance outsourcing and IT support.

Reduced stress: The facilities management company handles the staffing and oversight of the area. Company managers are freed from the responsibility of interviewing, hiring, conducting performance reviews, and other managerial responsibilities, allowing them to focus their efforts on generating revenue and critical operations.

Managing Facilities: Managing facilities is a difficult task to administrative mangers. Administrative managers may lack knowledge about facilities information. A facilities management professional has training, background and experience in all areas of the complex issues and services required.

Risk Management: A facility management professional has the experience in all areas of the complex issues and services and overall oversight for facilities issues, enabling them to see patterns, track changes and identify risks that may have a future negative impact. Their knowledge enables them to take corrective action to reduce your risk and costs.

Assurance of quality: By choosing to outsource certain facilities management services, company can be assured of obtaining high quality work, professional services from experts who are specifically trained to provide the service.

Saving Training cost: Small businesses don’t have enough money to spend on employees training. Providing training will have impact on cost and time. By choosing facilities management services, company can reduce the cost and save the time.

After studying all the above points, it is impossible to deny the important role of facility management in a business.

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