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Do you Want to Learn Dancing with Glow Sticks?

Having fun with colored glow sticks is a wish for all of us. We enjoy night parties and rave parties where people are found dancing. However, most of us, though interested, do not know how to dance with glow sticks. Read on to know certain basic tips for learning dance with glow sticks.

Take your glow sticks and bend them to make them glow. Switch off the lights. Turn on the music and be ready for dancing to the tune. Hold a glow stick in each hand and wave or swing your hands to the beat of music. Move them in the form of a figure 8. Also, stretch your arms and spin the body simultaneously.

Once you are practiced in dancing by holding glow sticks in your free hand, you can start learning dancing with stringed glow sticks. Attach a length of rope or string to the end of a glow stick. Make sure that a glow stick has a hole on it through which it is tied to the string. It should also be knotted securely. Start spinning the stringed glow stick in a circular fashion at the end of the string. While spinning the glow stick, switch it to the other hand and repeat the same step. Once you are perfect in dancing with a single stringed glow stick, you can dance with two or more glow stick strings. In a synchronized glow-stick dancing, you spin your glow stick in unison with your partner who also holds glow stick. Dancing in this way with many people gives a beautiful look. However, you need a lot of practice for this. So learn with the basic things and then for the advanced forms. Have a blast in your next rave party by dancing with glow sticks.

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