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Know How to Make Fire Resistant Pillow Covers

The main things which catches fire during any fire accidents are the clothing present in the house. We use several types of clothing like bed linen, door curtains, table cloths, pillow covers, towels and so on. Since these things are made of fabric they immediately catch the fire making the situation even worse. Can’t we prevent this situation? Of course, yes. By using fire resistant fabrics, which are treated with fire resistant coating we can avoid this situation. But they are little bit expensive for a common man. So, can we make them at home? Again the answer is yes. Let us see how it is.

For this you need one large bucket of hot water, four ounces alum, nine ounces borax, and rubber gloves.

  • First take hot water in the bucket and make sure that it is sufficient to immerse the fabric in it.
  • Now add both alum and borax powders to the hot water and stir them using a rod until they are completely dissolved.
  • Take the pillow cover and immerse it in the solution and let it soak in it completely.
  • Leave it soak in the solution over night.
  • The next morning use some rubber gloves to take the pillow cover out of the solution and put it in a dryer, until it is completely dry.

That’s it your fire resistant pillow cover is ready and it can face any kind of fire accidents effectively. Not only pillow covers you can use make any kind of clothing in to fire resistant by following the above process. The solution must be handled only with gloves and dispense it immediately after using it. It may be harmful when ingested.

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