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Negative Effects of Ecstasy, a Harmful Drug

Ecstasy is a not so addictive drug when compared to other drugs like cocaine and heroin. But still it will show some adverse effects when consumed. The effects are harmful and will continue for a longer period of time. The effect of Ecstasy might vary from one person to other depending upon the amount consumed and the period of consumption. After swallowing the drug, the full effect is felt within one hour and last for many hours.

The after consumption effects of Ecstasy starts with a little tingling and rushes of exhilaration. Some abusers may also experience nausea and dizziness, which passes away quickly. Perception of colors and sounds will be more intense under the influence of this drug. Overdose of ecstasy results in high blood pressures, faintness, panic attacks and in more severe cases it results in loss of consciousness, rise in body temperature, heart failure or extreme heart stroke.

The effects caused by Ecstasy are more similar to the effects of cocaine and amphetamines. The long term effects of Ecstasy are also considered as major problems. According to the research report published in The Journal of the Neuroscience, Ecstasy causes long lasting damage to the brain cells which are essential for memory and critical thinking. People who take Ecstasy, even for few times are proved to have permanent problems with learning and memory.

The other side effects of Ecstasy include confusion, depression, insomnia, amnesia, hallucinations, paranoia, and panic attacks. The persons using this drug for a long time also suffer from dehydration, hypertension, hypothermia, heart failure and kidney failure.

Aren’t these effects enough for giving away that dreadful drug. Not only Ecstasy every drug is harmful to some or the other part of our body. So, it is better to be away from these things.

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