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Likely Complications of Teeth Grinding

Many people consider teeth grinding as a simple issue. However, negligence in controlling the problem leads to several other complications. Extensive teeth grinding or bruxism can cause teeth damage, facial pains, chronic headaches, bite changes and temporomandibular disorders.

Physical damages of teeth are the primary effects of teeth grinding. They include abnormal wear and tear, missing or broken tooth, fractured crowns and so on. In order to get away from these problems, people further find solutions such as dentures, restorations and other dental surgeries. These make you to spend high costs on dental health. So, it is necessary to stop teeth grinding.

Continuous grinding or clenching the teeth can cause pain to the facial muscles that may also contribute to severe headache. Also, the facial muscle pain creates wrinkles and skin sagging. Everyone knows that headaches may arise because of severe stress. However, stress also causes teeth grinding. But, compared to the headaches due to stress, chronic headaches are more prominent due to teeth grinding. This is because of the continuous, constant, irregular and involuntary movement of mouth, jaws and ear.

Bruxism reduces the sharpness of your teeth and while eating the teeth may squeak. This may force the change in bite when eating by using only the undamaged part of the teeth. The other major possible complications of teeth grinding is temporomandibular disorders. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the one that joins the mandibles or jaw bones to the temporal bone of skull. Due to teeth grinding the TMJ also moves more and may face certain disorders. Sometimes, excessive teeth grinding can also lead to the dislocation of the TMJ. These major risks may further damage your health. So, better get away from teeth grinding avoiding these possible complications.

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