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Glow Sticks – Fun and Safety Aids for Caving

While some people are interested in camping, fishing or diving, some others are excited in caving. Caving is a recreational activity of exploring wild cave systems. It often involves free hand rock climbing, crawling, walking and even swimming. Going through the underground dark caves often is dangerous too and is very critical. Though light systems are the mandatory supplies for caving, simple light-up products like glow sticks act as perfect lighting aids.

Glow sticks are small plastic tubes containing a glass vial inside. The inner glass vial and the outer plastic tube contain chemicals. When the plastic tube is bent, the glass tube breaks combining the two chemicals. When shaken well, the perfect chemical reaction between them emits a glow light. With specific fluorescent dyes, the light is colored. These smaller and inexpensive glow sticks aid in caving when your primary light sources fail. Glow sticks are available in different sizes and colors. Brighter colored glow sticks such as green, yellow and orange are considered to provide brighter illumination. Various sizes of glow sticks such as 6 inch, 8 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch can be used while exploring the underground ways.

Placing glow sticks at crucial junctures makes sure to help finding the way out. They can be simply held in hands or stuck to your clothing or backpack. Not only do they serve as great markers but also work well as extra safety devices and provide a great sense of security.

Updated: December 16, 2011 — 4:00 am

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