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Being Positive is Essential During Yoga Practice

Yoga is more about getting control over the senses with a kind of positive energy. Various poses, techniques and postures are used in yoga to gain control over the mind and body. While the physical postures increase the flexibility and strengthen the muscle system, mental practices like meditation and breathing techniques help to lighten and soothen the soul and mind. However, to achieve all these things one needs to go to the yoga training session with an open mind which is ready to adapt new things.

One has to develop positive attitude towards yoga before going for their first yoga session. Belief that it can help them and can cure their problem is all which makes the difference. Try to put your egos and attitudes a side before the trainer as you have gone there to learn something and not to show your attitude. Respect your trainer as you respect your teachers and parents and that is the only way to see good results in a short time.

Everyone should be ready for anything in the session. Let it be a reward that you are performing well or a negative feedback about the poor performance. Remember, the trainer do not have any personal grudge on any one to give negative feedback. Take them positively as your areas of improvement and work hard to make them better. Neglecting the feedback from your trainer will only affect your practice and results and no way hurts or creates loss to the trainer.

Anyone can do yoga. There is no age limit or any other excuse to say no to yoga. Many people with heavier bodies think they can’t do yoga. But it is not the correct way. Your attitude is more important for you than anything. Think in a different and positive way, be with an intention that “I can do it”, and do your best to achieve the things. Nothing is impossible with strong determination and desire.

Updated: December 27, 2013 — 6:28 am

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