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Heroin Addiction and Its Harmful Effects

Illicit drug usage has become common in the United States. Among many different kinds of illegal drugs, heroin is one. It is important to know about the features and effects of heroin addiction to avoid its use and protect yourself and your kids. Heroin is a powerful drug which is physically and emotionally addictive.

Heroin affects the central nervous system of the body immediately after its use. It has both short-term and long-term health effects. Warm flushed skin, weakness in muscles, euphoria, dry mouth, dizziness, constricted pupils, severe itching, slowed breathing, nausea or vomiting, and drowsiness are some of the short-term effects of heroin. However, when the occasional or habitual use of heroin turns to addiction, it leads to certain long-term health effects including infection of heart lining and valves, liver diseases, kidney diseases, pulmonary complications, skin infections, etc. Using unsafe needles for drug induction can result in infectious diseases such as hepatitis, HIV/AIDS.

Heroin addiction not only causes serious health effects but also causes certain financial, emotional and family issues. As the addicted people spend most of their money on buying the drug, they face financial problems. They spend all their life savings, try to steal money from friends and family, etc. This may result in many emotional consequences such as loss of friends or family members. Certain psychological issues like aggression, depression, anxiety, etc. are also seen with heroin addiction. Overdose of heroin may cause breathing problems, muscle spasms, weak pulse and may even cause sudden deaths. It is much better to detect the drug abuse problem at early stage to avoid the further health damages and also other unwanted consequences.

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