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Chrysler Leading the Industry in June 2011 in US

In June 2010, The Chrysler Group was standing fifth in the industry sales behind Ford, GM, Toyota and Honda. But in June monthly (2011), Chrysler moved to first position with an increase of 30% sales compared to same period in the last year. It is now the strongest of all auto companies operating in the United States.

In terms of best growth in March, the Patriot has sold 5,602 SUV’s, which is an 109% improvement over march 2010. The Jeep Compass stood second in terms of sales of the Jeep brand with 3,703 units which is a 108% gain. Grand Cherokee stood third with a 64% improvement. Chrysler jeep sales showed 74% improvement June 2011 over June 2010.

The growth rate of sales of various companies are, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Compass improved 208%, Compact Compass improved 278%, Patriot improved 77%, Liberty imporved 36% and the Wrangler improved 27% compared to June 2010.

Wrangler, had sales of 11,290, which made it the strongest models in terms of sales of jeep. Dodge showed 17% increase in sales over last year by selling 43401 units. This growth in Dodge brand was due to Caravan line up which was sold 10,822 units, which was an 25% increase over June last year. It is the only Dodge model which crossed 10,000 vehicle mark. Durango sales were less in June 2010, but in June 2011, it sold 5,827 SUV’s.

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