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Mar 16 / admin

University Of California’s Study To Evaluate The Car Technology

University of California is conducting research on the eco-friendly driving devices. The University and its research partners are getting 1.2 million dollars grant from the department of energy to study on the car technology. They are taking the feed back from the car drivers which is used to reduce the emission and the fuel usage. They are using the cars which have eco-friendly devices for conducting the study.

This three years study mainly aims to get the feedback from the comprehensive driver on fuel efficiency from passenger cars and commercial vehicles. This technology is available on a small scale while they are conducting the study for getting the feedback from the longer travelings. This is the first research on the fuel economy, it provides more advices to drivers while getting feed back from them on the fuel efficiency and reducing emission.

Several studies are being conducted to observe the fuel efficiencies. Small scale studies observe the fuel efficiency between 5 to 15 percent in the US, and large scale eco-friendly studies observe the fuel efficiency in Europe and Asia observe up to 20 percent.

Government is spending huge amounts on conducting these studies which is useful for future productions. Their plans to produce the good fuel efficient vehicles will take the help of the results of these studies.

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