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Reasons for Growing Carnivorous Plants

Miniature plantsAre you bored of looking at only the vegetable or fruit or other flowering plants in your garden? Then, why not add special carnivorous plants which trap insects. They attract and kill the insects with special mechanisms. They benefit several nutrients from the digested insect. They help in removing any unnecessary insects and pests present in your garden and hence, are helpful. Apart from this, are there any other reasons for growing them? Of course, yes. Read on further to know them.

  • Carnivorous plants do not need soil with any nutrients. They can naturally be grow in boggy nutrient-poor soils. No fertilization is also required for them as they get enough nutrients from the digested insects. So you can save the time and money for fertilizers.
  • They are also helpful in saving pest control. Without any use of pesticides or any other chemical compounds, they can attack the pests and kill them. Hence, it is an environmentally friendly way to control the pests and insects which damage your garden plants.
  • They have special physical characteristics which attract bugs and insects. They have unique physical characteristics like bladders, nectaries, special leaves with tentacles and so on. They create a new look to your garden.miniature trees
  • You can make your garden different by adding special carnivorous plants which no one knows. It is one of the ways to educate your guests about the nature behind.
  • It is also found that the fluids in Nepenthes pitcher have been used to alleviate joint pain. There are even some studies going on regarding the medicinal properties of some carnivorous plants.

Knowing these reasons, you may now feel like adding the insect eating plants to your garden. Go to your nearest garden store and have some special varieties.

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