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What is the Significance of Wearing a Wedding Ring?

The wedding ring is a symbol for the bride that she is engaged or going to marry a person. This person henceforth has entire control on her as well as she belongs to that person only. These rings are worn by women based on the marital situations. If they are agreed to marry, they are going to be engaged and an engagement ring is worn. After marrying, if a woman wears another ring, it is said to be wedding ring. Or in some countries both women and men wore both rings to their fingers permanently.

Once ring is worn in a wedding, those two persons who wear can said as a husband and wife and they have committed to join as one in a lifelong relationship. However, in American culture engagement rings are common because it is a pledge of love and is a symbol that a woman is no longer available to be courted by other men. The act of wearing an engagement ring lets other men know that the woman’s feelings are “engaged by somebody else.”

These rings especially are worn in western cultures. In the United Kingdom, Ireland and North America, engagement rings are traditionally worn only by women, and rings can feature diamonds or other gemstones. Depending on the various countries customs and traditions, people wear rings on either left or right hand. But mostly rings are worn on left hand that is fourth finger from the thumb finger of the hand. In ancient days, Romans and Egyptians believed that a vein – called the vane amorous in Latin – ran directly from that finger to the heart.


Updated: January 19, 2016 — 2:04 am

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