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Know the Best Methods to Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Home is the biggest investment and you should put best effort to protect it. There are a number of reasons that any house can be damaged. One of the most common reasons is not having a solid foundation. Unfortunately, foundation repairs can often become very expensive in just a short span of time, even for the minor problems that can occur. For this reason, homeowners should be aware of the problems that they can cause and prevent in regards to their home’s foundation.

Following are some tips that can keep foundation safe and minimize the problems:

  • Every month you need to check the foundation of your home in order to identify any fault that may be developing. If you find any faults like breakages and cracks, then pay special attention to them. And also notice any faults on exterior coverings just above the foundation. If you find any debris, remove it otherwise the moisture from this will get into the top of the foundation.
  • Make sure that the slope around your home should always force the water away from your foundation.
  • Check for any water presence after rainstorm around the house. Suppose if you find it then scoop out the water from it and fill that hole with debris.
  • If you find any major cracks, fix them by a professional.
  • Never allow the drainage to flow.
  • Check if any changes happened to your property because of construction of neighborhood houses.
  • Always clean gutters at least a year.
  • Keep your foundations watered (sometimes because it requires little bit).

Updated: November 6, 2013 — 12:49 am

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