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Techniques to Achieve Maximum Fuel Efficiency for Your Car

The price of fuel keeps on rising. Therefore, fuel efficiency is important. Most fuels are fossil and non renewable fuels. Using high quality fuel affect the environment and on the earnings. Now we will see some important fuel efficiency techniques for a car.

  • Track mileage: Tracking the mileage in real time is very important. Mostly the people will check between the tank fills. But in this case we know only the overall fuel mileage. You have to track the mileage every possible time of your driving. It helps to know how your car is giving mileage at different situations and with different driving methods you have followed during that time.
  • Drive smoothly: Driving like a racer will consumes much fuel. Aggressive accelerate and sudden brakes will lead to effect on the fuel efficiency and the parts of your car engine. Accelerate gently but not suddenly and heavily. It will save up to 60% of the fuel.
  • Use gears sensibly: Some people looks like do not like to use the gear box, so they will not use gears properly and some people will neglect to change the gear at proper speed even they knows when to change. The correct change of the gear will helps to save a lot of fuel. Almost 15% of the fuel economy can get with proper usage of gears.
  • Tires: Maintain proper tire pressure. Check regularly the pressure of your tire or minimum once per two week. For suitable pressure to your tire, check the owners manual. Proper pressure maintenance will give up to 3% of fuel economy. If the pressure is not right, it will lead to excess fuel consumption, and the tires will wear out quickly.
  • Speed limit: Going at a reasonable speed will give good mileage. Check your car mileage where it is giving good mileage and try within that limit. The difference between 80 mph and the 70 mph will give the mileage difference between 10% to 20%. But the reaching time will be less than a few minutes for short distances. As well it helps to avoid the accidental incidents and stuck at the back of a big vehicle etc.
  • Don’t use your car for short distances: Some people use cars even when they are going out for a small distance, which they could walk. If it is walkable distance go by walk. It is good for your health, and the fuel cost decreases.
  • Avoid rush hours: During rush hours, the traffic is heavy, and the car has to stop and start almost every few minutes at signals, and you have to go slowly in the traffic. It will consume excess fuel. Therefore, avoid rush hours if possible or try for the alternative ways if you know.

These tips will help you get maximum fuel efficiency. By tracking your mileage, you can find more economical ways for the fuel.

Updated: March 20, 2015 — 2:39 am

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