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A Quick Guide to Selling Your Car

Selling any car might be a tricky one especially when it comes to used cars particularly if you want to receive the best possible price. However, there are many choices to sell your car because there are many ways and tools are available in these days than the previous days. For example online appraisal tools and internet appraisal classified ads etc. But remember, the car you want to sell should stand out the choices of the crowd. However, if you set and follow some simple tactics, you can cleverly sell the car without any negotiations.

Following are the guidelines for selling your car:

Prepare the car: If your car is used car, then make it to look new one by repairing, painting and adding additional features. Or if your car is new then there is no requirement of all these things.

Research the car price in the market and set the price: All people wants newest and trendiest vehicles at lesser prices. So, set correct reasonable price tags for your car such that the car will be quickly sold and there will not be any loss to you and the buyers.

Advertise your vehicle: You can also give ads in a good auto dealer sites but it charges for listing your car in that site. But this will attract many customers for buying your car. Even you can advertise in social sites like face book, twitter etc. keeping a ‘For Sale’ board on a car window also works.

Show your vehicle: Once you advertised your car, you will get a lot of calls asking about your car. Receive them and explain to all the best features of your car to the buyers for attracting.

Negotiate the price of your car: Never ever tell the best price of your car because the buyers may lower the cost than the fixed one. However, you should tell to the persons until they visit to see your car. Some buyers may be just savvy. Reveal the price only when the buyer shows interests in your car.

Close the deal: Look for the buyer who wants to purchase your car by taking his/her ID proofs, addresses, signatures, names etc. legally to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Updated: March 20, 2015 — 2:51 am

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