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Personal Factors that Affect Auto Insurance Premiums

The auto insurance companies will take into account a number of factors to make the policy cost for you. Most of those factors you can control. There are also some personal factors, which can effect on the auto insurance premiums. Your record of accidents, the type of vehicle you drive, your driving habits, age and the location will play a major role. If you are living in a most populated area, there are more vehicles on the road; the chances to getting into an accident are higher. The losing of car by theft is also high. Now we will see the personal factors that affect your auto insurance premiums.

Coverage and deductibles: Auto insurance provides the facility as allow you to choose the deductible by your own. The coverage’s in the policy up to the required laws are mandatory. The remaining coverage’s you can choose what is necessary for you. The deductibles and the specifics of your coverage are plays a major role on your monthly payments to the insurance company. If you opted for lower deductible means, the monthly payment is higher. If you opted for higher deductible means, the monthly payments are lower. Additional coverage’s provides you added financial protection and is depending on the claim. In addition, these will add you monthly costs.

The car you drive: The auto insurance companies collecting the data from customer claims in a large amount and by analyzing industry safety reports develop vehicle safety ratings. Based on this they offer discounts to the customers for those who are driving the safer vehicles. If the car is susceptible to theft or occupant injury or damage, some insurance companies are increasing the premiums. The Toyota 4 runners 2010 rate highly in terms of passenger protection and the driver protection. In this case, the insurance companies are offering discounts. Honda’s two-door civics is most desirability to car thieves and having safety rating lower than average becomes a more expensive premium. So before going to a dealership firm to buy a car do a small research about the car model what you want buy. It is regarding to the theft of the car and the safety features.

Vehicle usage: The people who drive their car less will pay less for the insurance premium. The people who use their car for long distance, business purposes normally pay more. Regardless of how you are safe as driver, insurance companies consider as the higher the journey in your car the higher the chances to meet an accident. If you want to decrease your mileage and lower your auto insurance premium, get the public transportation to the work or riding your bike, or join a van or car pool.

Your location: Generally, the people living and driving in the urban areas pay more than the rural areas. Because the chances of theft and accident in urban areas are more when compared.

Age, gender and marital status: The people who are below twenty-five years accidents rates are higher. It is especially in male and single drivers. Therefore, it is also reflecting the cost of the insurance policy. If the students are getting good grades, some insurance companies are giving discounts too.

Keeping good track in driving habits, proper maintenance of your car, and selecting the right policy with right coverage will become more useful and less premiums for your insurance policy.

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