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Why Writing is Considered as a Part of Learning Language?

Writing, an integral part of learning language has a potential in maximizing learning and also increases the rate at which you learn and of course that will help you to speak soon. In this article, we will discuss about why and how writing helps in learning language better.

Reasons why writing is considered as a part of learning language

  • Writing helps in developing language at all levels; grammar, phonology, vocabulary and discourse.
  • It is a stress free way to practice speaking. We can write as many time as possible, as this helps in improving grammar, words and also expressions in the language.
  • Writing allows to solidify the things we are learning and the things which we had already learned.
  • Writing helps to remember things when we put it in a context that is familiar to our lives and which we are interested in like diary entry in the language which you are learning. You can write in any way you like as no one will read it, but this will help you in improving language.
  • Using a dictionary for finding words about how you are feeling and thinking. Important thing is focusing on being expressive rather than worrying about the grammar.
  • The most notable difference is the increase in self confidence which writing develops.

An important skill of any language learning is writing. It is a great part that helps you learn language soon. So consider it an essential skill and start writing.

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