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Why to Use a Coolant in Your car

The cooling system of a car plays an important role in its operation. Hot summers affect the cooling system as a lot of stress needs to be put on the vehicle’s cooling system. One should maintain the cooling system in good condition because your car’s engine cannot do well without a coolant.

The engine in a car cannot run without the coolant
Check the level of coolant in cooling system when the engine is cold. Do not open the radiator cap when the engine is running as it means it is still under pressure and it may burn you as the pressure is released. If you are refilling the system regularly check for the leakage in the system.

Engine coolant will remove a lot of heat
To keep your engine running efficiently, place an engine coolant in the system as it removes a lot of heat from the engine. Depending on the type of antifreeze coolant placed in the car, it will last from 30,000 to 50,000 miles or about three years. Check engine’s coolant level by locating the plastic coolant reservoir below the hood. The coolant reservoir will have high and low markings on it and the level of coolant should be in between those two markings. The reservoir is bolted on one side of the engine bay or other and it will be a white semi-transparent bottle.

Dilute coolant with water
Coolant should be mixed with water in 50-50 ratio. Do not use tap water directly into the system. Using a coolant prevents corrosion and freezing. The cooling system consists of both coolant-antifreeze and water so that’s why dilute it and pour into the cooling system. Check for the coolant-antifreeze level on a weekly basis, and if its low fill to the maximum level on the tank.

Flush out your coolant-antifreeze from the cooling system for every two years as it degrades and contaminates. If you forget to flush, it can damage the radiator, clog heater core and can cause failure of water pump. Some manufacturers are selling coolants which are already mixed with water for the motorists who would like to go in an easy way to top off.

Coolants of different color must be avoided
Do not mix coolants of different colors at once. Use only coolants recommended by your manufacturer in owner’s manual. If your coolant is pink in color, don’t mix it with a green formulation else finally you will end up with a thick solution which does not work properly.

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