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HR Management: Employee Engagement and Performance Appraisal

When it comes to work, it becomes very important regarding who is doing what. Work needs to be done according to predetermined set of rules at workplace. People are required to work according to their specialty. Hence, engagement of employees is an art and engaging them suitably leads to lot of work with lot of good quality.

There are people who strive for a quality work and are dedicated towards it. They generally come up with appreciable work. If the work done by such employees is not appreciated and recognized, they may loose interest in work. Performance appraisals keep the employee satisfied and encouraged.

Know your employees and engage accordingly
People across the globes have different skill sets. Similarly, every new employee and the existing employees have certain skill sets. Each of them are really good at somethings, they need to improve when it comes to certain skills and with certain skills, they are very poor. It is responsibility of the HR to examine employees for their skills and interests in order to engage them in suitable work. Every person has some strengths and limitations. They tend to get deviated for certain things and certain things do not bother them. All these contribute to the quality set of an employee.

Knowing all these factors help a HR to employ his employee in the kind of work as per his skill set and qualities. This keeps the zeal alive in the employee to work and keeps up his enthusiasm and interest. This gives work satisfaction to employees. This leads to high quality of output and high productivity also. They hone their skills at work and turn out to be an useful asset to the company.

Performance appraisal leads to work satisfaction and employee retention
There is no scarcity of the people who are willing to work hard. Problems only rises when elements are not there who recognize the hard work and performance and appreciate it. When good quality of work go unnoticed, the employee feels dejected and loses his interest in work. So, it is necessary that performance reviews take place at regular intervals of time and good work is recognized, appreciated and rewarded. This leads to work satisfaction in the employee and keeps the zeal and enthusiasm alive. Such employees remain hardworking and dedicated to the organization for a long time. Additionally, this also serves as an example for other employees who work hard subsequently to achieve similar goals.

So, it is important for a HR to know his employees properly in order to engage them properly and appraise the work of a deserving employee. This leads to a competitive and productive work culture that is highly motivated and committed to the company.

Updated: October 29, 2014 — 1:01 am

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