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Mar 24 / Robert Vanalstyn

Safety and Health Issues Concerning the Workplace Sources

Are you looking for more information on safety and health issues in OSHA? Then, you have various sources within and outside the organization that you work with. Some of the sources that are stated by OSHA are listed below.

Sources within the workplace:

Know the information from employers or supervisors, union-representatives and co-workers
These people are the best internal sources through which you can gather lots of information related to safety and health. OSHA also encourages the employers and workers for working together to reduce the hazards. OSHA also insists talks or discussions with these people about safety and health problems, if possible.

For the information regarding chemicals the source is Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
If you are an employee working with chemicals, this MSDS will provide you, the essential information about the hazards, precautions to be taken and about the essential personal protective equipment for the workplace safety.

Warning signs and labels
These signs and warnings will show about the hazard information for the employees and also provides the additional information and makes the workers aware of the health and safety hazard. Nevertheless, the signs are not intended for the corrections in the place of actual hazard. Some of the OSHA standards such as hazard communication, egress etc., require the signs and labels. And, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that the labels or the signs that are posted are understood by the employees. They can be bilingual, if there is a possibility of employees being not able to understand in one language.

Work tasks and instruction procedures
Some of the jobs that are hazardous such as locking out machinery requires the employer to keep the written laid down procedures. It is the best way to provide information on safety and health issues to the employees. If an employee has the questions regarding the new job or the changes in the job, they can ask for the written procedures; and also, an additional training for them.

Employee orientation manuals or other training materials
These manuals about the job should consider the information about how to work safely. All the manuals and materials should be clearly written and spelled about the employee needs on the job hazard information; and they also help the employees as sources, if the employee has the questions or doubts later.

Sources outside the workplace:
If you can’t find the information in the internal sources, you can go through the OSHA website. There you can access lots of information about safety and health concerns. You can also call or visit the nearest OSHA office for discussing the issues, and ask them for conducting training sessions along with the training materials and information as necessary.

There are a few other sources where you can get the information on safety and health concerns. So, go through them and know the information you require of safety and health.

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