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A Beginners Guide for Web Hosting

site monitoringA web page acts as a file similar to the word processing documents which require computer to store them all web pages also need a computer for storing them. The only difference is that web pages will be enabled to be seen by the public. For making the web pages seen by everyone which are stored in the computer should be of higher specification than a general desktop and have to be connected through a powerful link to the internet.

A computer in which all the web pages are stored is called web server because of that it serves pages to users on internet on request. a stack of web pages makes a web site and a collection of web pages present widely form the world wide web (WWW).

Now comes the job of making these web pages and web sites and making it available widely to the users which is called web hosting. hosting the web sites over internet by providing certain space is called web space which is usually measured in mega bytes similar to the space measured on your computer.

Need for web hosting

  • Though it is possible technically to connect MAC or PC to the internet and access the server pages it is not efficient with a home based internet connection as it is not dynamic enough for serving multiple users at the same time.
  • Hence for this reason web companies exist maintaining effective web servers storing web pages. Web hosting companies connect these web servers through powerful connections thus enabling users to access the web pages at same time.
  • In order to put a website under operational run one need s a web host until and unless one have unlimited funds one cannot manage the web servers and the necessary connections.

website monitoringValue added services by web hosting companies

  • Web hosting companies not only provides web space but other services which may vary from one company to other.
  • Domain name registration, email provision and also technical support either through email, web sites or telephone.

Based on the below mentioned factors web hosting will be differentiated in to different packages:

  • Amount of web space
  • Data transfer ability or band width
  • Number of email addresses
  • Operating system (UNIX or windows)
  • Band width overage

Importance of web hosting for web sites

  • After successful creation of website and obtaining a domain name it has to be sent for hosting.
  • A web hosting company provides space over the server where all the files and web pages are kept thus enabling it for the users to access on the internet.
  • The web server taken in by the web hosting company will be always kept switched on and connected to the internet all times so that it can be accessed through out.
  • Various reasons makes the web site inaccessible by creating some problem to the server.
  • By giving the domain name in the browser computers use different systems for finding out the appropriate server thus bringing up the pages related to your web site and opens on their system.

A fundamental understanding of the way things work and the need for hosting the websites is important before going for creation of web site. The above article gives a brief about the basics and helps in making things clear for you.

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