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When Moving Out from the Apartment

If you are planning to move out from your apartment there are some aspects like security deposits etc that you will get back from the apartment owners. It is always important for you to keep the good records as long as you are in the apartment.

Walk-through Inspection
A few weeks before you move out of your houston apartments, walk through the apartment again with the property manager to confirm what you need to do to get your security deposit back in full. Do this early enough, so that you have time to make any necessary repairs yourself. Write down what damages you’re responsible for and have your landlord sign off on this. Whether or not you repair them, your landlord can only deduct your security deposit to take care of these damages. Anything else that comes up is not your responsibility.

Cleaning the Apartment
Avoid a cleaning fee by doing it yourself. The general advice is to make sure the apartment is “broom clean”:

  • Sweep all floors and vacuum all carpets.
  • Wipe down kitchen counters, sink and fridge.
  • Clean the shower, toilet, medicine cabinet, mirror and bathroom sink.

Return the Keys
Make sure you return the keys to the landlord on the day you move out. This is easy to forget, especially during the hubbub of moving out of your old home and into your new las vegas apartment, but landlords can deduct a key deposit from your security deposit for failing to do this.

Give your Address to the Landlord
Send your new address to the landlord, so they know where to mail your security deposit. Make sure to do this in writing. Even though it’s more expensive to send the address through a certified mail, it’s worth the extra cost to get back the much larger amount of your deposit! But if your budget is really tight, you can always phone up the landlord a few days later to make sure they received your new address.

Keep Good Records of all legal documents
Keep a copy of all correspondence and legal documents until you get your security deposit back. This means:

  • Keep the apartment lease or rental agreement in a secure place.
  • Keep all rent receipts or checks.
  • Keep a copy of all agreements regarding damages between you and the landlord.
  • Keep a copy of the letter sent to your landlord with your forwarding address.

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