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Importance of Studying Drug Addiction

Alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances abuse and addiction costs millions of dollars a year to the Americans with respect to medical, economic, criminal, and social impact. More than 100,000 Americans die due to abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol every year. Nearly 440,000 deaths per year are linked to tobacco in America. Therefore studying the alcohol or drug abuse and addiction is very important. Alcohol or other drug abusers need to be detected and counseled to come out of addiction.

People of all age groups are suffering from the harmful effects of the drug addiction.
Due to the negligence of the pregnant women, there are chances of premature or underweight birth of babies exposed to harmful drugs in the womb. Exposure to drugs at such an early stage of life can slowdown the kid’s brain’s development and can pose serious health threats in the later life.

Adolescents are highly vulnerable to harmful drug or alcohol abuse. Teens who start abusing drugs often struggle with poor academics and generally drop out of the school. Many risks like unplanned pregnancies, violence, infectious diseases and harmful health effects are associated with teen drug abuse.

Adult drug addicts often have problems remembering, and paying attention. Their work performance and social relationships will suffer due to their drug abuse.

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